This project is a line used for the assembling at the test of dashboard's for scooters of the Brazilian market.


This line has 5 manual and 1 testing stations. It was implemented in 4 month with a 120 seconds cycle time.


The goal was to create a simple line with a reduced investment cost.


To reduce these costs we had to find innovative solutions (1 PC for 3 stations, pieces detection using an object camera, parallelism of project tasks).


The teamwork was primordial for this project's success. EasyTest, our testing sequencer helped us to implement a parallelism between different stations' sequences on the same PC.


We built an easy calibration machine for this product.

This line were approved in France with the customer before sending it to Brazil where it was installed in 2 weeks.


HUD (Heads-Up Display) machines are elaborated in order to optimize the driver's experience. The first goal is to show the most relevant driving informations through a glass display without having to unfocus on the road.


The production equipments are specifically developed to adapt to any assembling and controlling steps for this kind of product. The assembling of the final product will be operational for the dashboard thanks to the combination of a mirrors ensemble, holding pieces, an electronic card and a screen. Each assembling test is made on equipments using presence sensors and code readers in order to have a complete traceability of the pieces.


On some key spots, we use several cameras on a calibration workstation to check that all the drivers  will be able to adapt the product to their special needs. We also need to check if the HUD will be usable during the day and also during the night. To do so we verify the product's abilities thanks to several measurement tools operating on that same workstation.

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