• Powered by pneumatic or electric Vacuum

• Works with the Aeroflex tester or other 19"-rack equipments

• Energetic compatibility

• Compatible size with EOM equipments

• Full accessibility for the  maintenance operations

• Easy and quick interfaces interchangeability (SMED)

• Small costs for interfaces

• Adaptable conveyor in width for each pannel size (automatic option available)

• Can receive big sized panel (300mm x 356mm)

• No adaptable connexion between top and the bottom (top bottom connection)

• Reduced cable length

• Strong design


• The handler is available in multiple versions to fit into your needs.

• Its flexible on different testers.

• Our handler has been design to come over your equipment without layout change.

• The commutable accessories dedicated to a product will lower your project cost impact.

• The top bottom connections and the reduced cable length grant an optimal test performance and a good test reliability.

• The handler is easy to use in its entirety.

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