This HUD-project deals about a line made only for the assembling and the HUD tests (Head Up Display) in order to equip current Japanese and Chinese market cars.


This line is made of 4 manual assembly stations, 1 automatic screwing station and 3 semi-automatic test stations.


This line has technical specificities such as :

- Implementation of the 1st screwing robot in a 500mm wide space WS4-2,

- Calibration of a heads-up display on a rotative platform which is suitable with the 2AC_3 products,

- Integration of a subjective listening on the development of the FC Honda vision blade,

- Project duration: 8 month.


This line and a similar one for another customer were created and installed at the same time while respecting the car manufacturer's confidentiality.


GECoE is leading the current market on assembling, calibration and UHD tests. Nowadays, we created 5 complete lines for different suppliers, including in European and Chinese ones.


We developed an assembly machine for an automotive supplier. This machine allows the assembling of 4 steps of a high technical criticality electronic product. On a electric and automatic rotating platform, the operator execute two manual assembling operations while two robotic screwing system control the final assembling.


- The manual part integrate two installations, involving  centering systems, optical and magnetic sensors and holding mechanism. Moreover, three high range data-matrix reader were implemented in order to execute the pieces traceability. These elements were design to ensure an optimal comfort and security for the operator.


- The automatic part integrate two automated screwing systems. The first products assembling is held by two screws. They are positioned by a controlled screwing system where the screw, which is mounted on an electric-linear-two-axis system, is supplied automatically. The second ensemble is completed by 3 screws. These are screwed by a similar screwing system  which is set in-motion thanks to a Cartesian-3-axis system.  Considering these informations, the screwing positions and the screwing strategies can be customizable. This architecture answer to the customer's need to adapt.

- The whole machine is controlled by an automaton. We use a touchscreen to make the human-machine interface. The hardware architecture helps to lower the cabling using bus solutions (Profibus). This architecture offers more features and lowers the risks.


The people security has been prioritized for the development while allowing manual operations near the automated system.


With an 11 seconds cycle time, a compact design (only 850mm wide for 1200mm deep) and based on ergonomics and maintainability, this machine fits perfectly into our customer's needs.

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