It was specially developed to test a multimedia and RF product.


This product is recognizable by audio and video entries (backup camera, Ipod entry,...) and by the presence of RF plug-in.


These plug-in are providing additional function to the product :

- WIFI, which allows the user to connect to Internet,

- Bluetooth, which pairs a phone with the car to make hands-free calls,

- GNSS, which inform the user about his location thanks to a satellite.


To do so, the tester is equipped with GNSS simulation tools to control its sensibility.


The RF WIFI equipment is in charge of the reception and transmission tests following the A, B, G, and N standards in the 2.4GHZ frequency field.


About the Bluetooth standards,  we test the audio profile product with SNR and SINAD  frequencies measurements end then the EDR2.1 data profile with 2 Mbits BER frequencies measurements.


To ensure a interesting test environment, each interfaces are inside Faraday cages. Then the measurements were either radiated emissions or connected.


All of these complicated equipments are shared for nearly full usage on several cages which reduces the tests' costs for each products.


The key tester's goal is to test the the functionality and the efficiency of the "plip" (or key head).


To do so,  we need to test the product in a Faraday cage with a wide radio-frequency spectrum.


Apart from the conformance test including the vision control of the logo, we find others things on this tester such as :

- The buttons functionality tests,

- The radio-frequency test (315-433 MHz) made under the ASK/FSK communication protocols according to the receiving country,

- The transponder detection & configuration (125 KHz),

- The RF range, the frequency and the harmonic control,

- The frame conformity control and decoding.


Without forgetting that all of this is made in a Faraday cage with a -40 dB reduction.

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