This packaging line combine automated and robotic systems and manual packaging workstation with automatic controls.


Powered by a production machine, the products are transfered thanks to an automated conveyor.


The product transfer on the conveyor is ensured by a 4-axis robot (scara) thanks to a tracking system. That same exact robot then delivers it according to the availability of the operators on the different zones.


When delivered, the products are convoyed to the manual workstations in order to be packaged in boxes. Then a instruction manual control and a pouch control approve that the box is well packaged or not.


If yes, the box is brought into a 6-axis robotic system in order to be controlled, tagged and then placed in the final packaging.


The restrictions were mainly about the development of a part of the line in a white room (4-axis robot) with a short cycle time and the other part of the line with a palletizing by a 6-axis robot copying human movements to package the boxes in other boxes.


Valéo, one of our customer, located in Sablé Sur Sarthe, France, asked us to robotize an manual laser-engraving workstation.


At first, the laser machine was loaded by an UR5 robot in one of the 2 possible setups. The system implemented by Valéo, were loading and unloading the machine with only one gripper. It was using only one products cell (9 products), which wasn't providing an optimum time. So we were asked to double the machine capacity.


To do so, we created 2 robotic loaders using « cobots ». We also implemented an new gripper with two tools which helped us to finally reach our 13.7s goal while, before, the time needed was about 22s. To increase their loading capacity, we also installed 2 cells for each robot, which helps to lower the number of operators interventions.

We set-up the machines in a week.


Developed for the car industry, the assembly and control line was made to optimize the assembling of protection pieces on a car radio.


This line is the reflection of GECoE's know-how : automation, robotics, displayed control systems, 3d laser control, electric axis synchronization, mechanical ergonomics and many others. Fully automated, this line can set our company free from human limits and from the drudgery of repetitive moves.


This line operates on 4 areas :

- A supplying area equipped with conveyors and a thermoformed unstacking system.

- An assembling area, where car radios will be equipped with protection pieces supplied by a vibrating bowl.

- A control area set on a rotating platform where controls are made on the different positions simultaneously.

- A packaging area, where a Cartesian-axis system store the boxes in tanks for the expedition.


Optimization, cycle time and ergonomics were the key words during the creation of this line.


The project is part of a line dedicated to the assembling and the tests of the 10.2' TFT used to equip the S range of the Daimler vehicles. This line settled in Portugal is composed of 10 stations including 4 that are automatically supervised in a robotic test cell.


This cell, forerunner of our GRAL, contain an ABB robot which ensure the products transfer between each station:

- Loading

- Heating (10min, 12pos)

- Calibration / control

- Run-In (10min, 12pos)


The TFT tested under supervised heat are then brought to the bad or good conveyor, whether the results are bad or good. For this application we developed a grip by TFT technology without any window deterioration. The application's cycle time is about 60 seconds.

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