The customer is searching for a line that can assemble different products with different references without taking the line off its mount. Each mount is linked to a RFID tracker which will steer the product on a conveyor according to the assembling order (benefits : adaptability, programming, addition of new references, closed-loop). The mount is designed according to the product and will protect it during the whole assembling.


For one of our  customer (a Slovak automotive supplier), we had to develop an assembling line using shuttles.


The product made on this line is widely used on BMW 3rd and 5th series and more.


The work-flow between each work stations is ensured by the assembly stations and the semi-automatic pointer insertion, without forgetting the screwing system and the fully-automated display calibration. Finally, this in-house logistic is also possible thanks to the final control made by an operator and a shuttle-conveyor. All of this is guaranteeing to our customers that the product will undergo the less manipulation possible during its fabrication.


The complete traceability of the assembling part is ensured by the RFID settled in every shuttle.


Since 2015, the year of its creation, this line has created more than 1 million products .

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